Monday Sessions

Monday, January 14, 2019

8:00 - 9:00 AM

Breakfast & Roundtable Discussions

9:15 - 10:15 AM

The 4 Rs of Major Gift Fundraising and Stewardship
Programming Focus: Development
Raising major gifts takes time, effort, and the right attitude. Fundraisers are often rushed into a major ask, only to receive a no or a smaller than expected gift. This session will help you remember and get the most out of the 4 Rs of major gift fundraising: research, relationship building, requests and recognition.

  • Jona Schmidt, Director of Major and Planned Gifts, Dakota State University
  • Emma DeVos, Product manager, Innovative NonProfit
  • Jill Ruhd, Development Officer, Dakota State University

Looking Inward to Grow Outward: Using a Strategic Board Self-Assessment to Drive Change
Programming Focus: Development | Professional Development
From an executive director's perspective, board relations can be one of the most difficult parts of the job. In smaller, less sophisticated organizations, stagnation on a board can lead to a past-focused agenda, loss of passion for fundraising, and a lack of overall strategic planning. One small community college board moved from being stagnant and borderline dysfunctional to being strategic and future-focused through a self-evaluation process that started at an annual retreat. Follow up information will also be available. The tools and ideas described can be adapted for use in many team building processes.

  • Sue Samaniego, Foundation Director, Colorado Northwestern Community College

Defining Why Your Organization Truly Exists
Programming Focus: Alumni Relations
Creating an exceptional alumni experience begins with taking a hard look at your organization and asking why you exist. It's a big question! Most alumni organizations assume they exist to serve and engage their alumni base by connecting them with each other and the institution they love. However, answering why an association exists is more complex than simply creating connections. This interactive session includes information about the Member Experience Network.

  • Jeffrey Jones, Project Manager, Member Experience Network, Nationwide Insurance
  • Jeffery Johnson, Lora and Russ Talbot Endowed President and CEO, Iowa State University

Online Engagement - Connecting with Alumni Anytime, Anywhere
Programming Focus: Alumni Relations
Alumni are looking to connect anytime, anywhere and consume information in real time. How do you meet your alumni where they are? How do you provide meaningful online opportunities, resources, and real-time information that allow them to connect with you and each other? Through virtual micro-mentoring, volunteer opportunities, social ambassadors and webinars, the presenters have seen great success in garnering new engagements online.

  • Samantha Johnson, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, University of Colorado, Boulder - Leeds School of Business
  • Heather Hanson, Senior Director of Alumni Engagement, University of Colorado Boulder - Leeds School of Business

Great Moments in Stewardship
Programming Focus: Advancement Services | Development
Have you ever experienced a great moment in donor stewardship - a special event that gave you goosebumps or a thank you note that brought tears of joy to a donor's eyes? While we get the opportunity to experience these moments every day, we rarely take the time to reflect on what made them so special. This session's panel of stewardship professionals will share their greatest moments in stewardship, talk about what made them unique, and provide key takeaways on how events like these can be replicated at any institution. Attendees will be asked to share their own great moments in stewardship as well.

  • Aaron Rouse, Director of Fund Stewardship and Management, University of Nebraska Foundation
  • Traci McBee Rowe, Director of Donor Relations and Advancement Special Events, Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Jennifer Denton, Vice President for Stewardship and Administration, Emporia State University Foundation

The Power of Communications
Programming Focus: Marketing & Communications
In a world where everyone has something to share, how do you make your communications stand out? This session will highlight various forms of communication that both succeeded beyond expectations and failed in an epic way. Learn tips and tricks, get some new ideas and find out how mistakes can be good.

  • Sheri Irwin-Gish, Executive Director of Communications, Marketing and External Relations, University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business

Purpose-Driven Alumni and Donor Events
Programming Focus: Alumni Relations | Annual Giving
As colleges and universities look to stretch scarcer resources and shift funds from non-essential to essential programs, the need for purpose-driven programs and events has become more important than ever. Events can be a high impact way of engaging new donors, showcasing your university and its programs, and communicating important stories about donor impact. Events can be transformational, but it takes intentionality. This session will explore best practices of refining events strategies for more strategic engagement, using data to discern the who and what of your event schedule, minimizing cost without cutting impact and developing an event framework.

  • David Hutchison, Vice President for Advancement, Lyon College

The Evolution of Online Fundraising: Crowdfunding, Giving Days, and Beyond
Programming Focus: Advancement Services | Alumni Relations | Annual Giving
Online giving continues to transform fundraising across industries, but this premise is never truer than in the context of an annual giving program. With the rapid emergence of tactics like crowdfunding, peer-to-peer, giving days, and microsites, how do you piece together a coherent strategy that truly yields more donors and dollars? The presenters will discuss data from online efforts employed today through the cutting edge trends defining the strategies of tomorrow. You'll leave with actionable insights into crafting and iterating an annual calendar of online events that amplify your online giving program's reach and truly grow your community.

  • McCabe Callahan, CEO and Cofounder, Community Funded
  • Lisa Bartholme, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

The 21st Century Advancement Shop: Strategies for a Digital World
Programming Focus: Advancement Services | Annual Giving | Development
As Baby Boomers pass the torch to Generation X and Millennials, and as Generation Z (those born in the mid-1990s through early-2000s) begins its philanthropic journey, it has never been more important to understand how technology influences the behaviors and preferences of your constituents. Amidst rapid change and the continuous emergence of new technologies, Colorado School of Mines has successfully leveraged new and creative digital strategies to buck nationwide trends. This session will do a deep dive into their digital fundraising initiatives and survey the technologies and trends most likely to influence fundraising outcomes over the next two years

  • Aly Dugdale, Assistant Director, Annual Giving, Colorado School of Mines
  • Kestrel Linder, Co-founder & CEO, GiveCampus

Turbocharging Your Front Line: Leveraging Internal Development Officers for Major Gifts
Programming Focus: Development
Front line fundraisers are expected to know their schools well and produce compelling proposals, in addition to managing full portfolios. Are major gift officers really poised to succeed as content experts? Learn how the University of Colorado Boulder is leveraging internal development officers to fill a critical need for managing content and serve as leadership and faculty liaisons. These internal roles are molded according to each team's unique needs, freeing up front line gift officers to focus on their donors. Explore the variety of ways internal DOs are impacting CU Boulder and what a similar model could mean for your school.

  • Casey Darmody, Associate Director of Development, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Rachel Hauser, Internal Director of Development, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Amy Hill, Internal Director of Development, College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado Boulder

10:15 - 10:45 AM

Networking Break

10:45 - 11:45 AM

The Power Of The Purse
Programming Focus: Development
The momentum has shifted and women now play the dominant role in philanthropy. This is especially true in the realm of planned giving, as much of the current transfer of wealth is landing in women's hands. This session will explore the research and successful fundraising programs targeting women. Learn how you can tap into this trend and unleash the power of the purse.

  • Jona Schmidt, Director of Major and Planned Gifts, Dakota State University

Bridging Departmental Divides to Build a Unified Social Media Presence
Programming Focus: Marketing & Communications
Anne Ackroyd will addresses challenges that are unique to higher education in achieving a consistent look, feel, and voice across social media platforms. Participants will learn to bridge divides between programs, departments, and campuses, while maintaining brand standards and social media best practices. A.T. Still University developed an innovative model for an interdepartmental social media committee to cut through the clutter and build a unified social media presence. In less than a year, the University doubled its Facebook followers and increased social media reach by nearly 6,000 percent. This interactive session will prepare participants to replicate the model and achieve their social media goals.

  • Anne Ackroyd, Public Relations Specialist, A.T. Still University

Future of Data-driven Fundraising: Does Behavior Trump Capacity?
Programming Focus: Advancement Services | Annual Giving
Marketing automation and machine learning technology are being successfully deployed by the for-profit sector around the globe. Until only recently, modeling was done in a bubble, using historical (or purchased) data exclusively. Today, charities have access to a wealth of real-time behavioral data that can be used to build stronger relationships at a greater scale. This session will explore how this technology will impact the non-profit sector and what you can do today to get ready for the transformational impact it will have on how you build relationships.

  • Mark Hobbs, CEO, Fundmetric
  • Greg Lee, Lead Data Scientist, Fundmetric

A Case Study on Alumni Engagement and Philanthropy of Former Full Ride Students
Programming Focus: Alumni Relations | Development
A qualitative case study research project was completed in spring 2018 at a private, mid-size university that examined the engagement and philanthropic tendencies of alumni that had received a full-tuition scholarship as undergraduate students. The findings and implications of this study will be discussed, as well as what this research study might mean for other segments of alumni populations. Participant interaction will be encouraged at the end for all attendees to hear about strategies and tactics that have worked well to engage and energize specific alumni populations at their institutions.

  • Tim Tesar, Advancement Officer, Drake University

The Urban Opportunity: Growing Alumni Engagement in Key Urban Cities Around the Country and Home
Programming Focus: Alumni Relations
The University of Denver is pioneering a new era of alumni engagement through strategic efforts in major cities around the nation and in its home market. This session will outline the Pioneering Denver platform and highlight some of the groundbreaking partnerships DU established with global brands. The presenters will share lessons learned from the launch through first year of operation as well as a number of other innovative approaches to and programmatic options for engaging communities within urban enclaves across the nation.

  • Liz Iracki, Market Activator, Southwest Region, University of Denver
  • Brian Elizardi, Director of Alumni

Dordt: From College to University
Programming Focus: Development | Marketing & Communications
Last spring, Dordt College officials determined the institution would become known as Dordt University. Dordt's marketing team will share the research and discussions that went into the decision, how they distilled their rationale down to three reasons why, what the launch of their successful public announcement and logo reveal entailed, and how they went about the logo redesign process. The session will provide several lessons for marketing offices that can be applied to a variety of challenges.

  • Sarah Moss, Director of Marketing and Communication, Dordt College
  • Brandon Huisman, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing, Dordt College
  • Bethany Van Voorst, Marketing Project Manager, Dordt College

What's So Scary About Donor Advised Funds?
Programming Focus: Development
While donor advised funds (DAF) have been around for years, they have recently ballooned in popularity and are one of the most complex issues facing fundraisers and institutions. We've assembled a panel of experts to help you better understand and navigate this terrain and ultimately secure funding from donor advised funds. Topics may include: creating legislative spending policy, marketing to DAF holders in more creative ways, creating institutionally held DAFs, or crawling under your desk and hopelessly crying (we hope not this last one!).

  • Matt Wasserman, Principal, MPW Strategies
  • Anne Shoup, Associate Vice Chancellor for Advancement, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Sarah Harrison, VP The Philanthropic Services Group, The Denver Foundation
  • Caroline L. Kirkland, Merrill Lynch
  • Ed Brisco, Co-Director, Impact Charitable

Outputs vs. Outcomes: Demonstrating Impact Over Activity
Programming Focus: Advancement Services | Alumni Relations | Development
This session will focus on the importance of setting success metrics based on outcomes in all areas of advancement. Using the University of Wisconsin's experience in implementing an outcome-based development metrics program, the presenters will share how to think about and implement these types of metrics. They will highlight everything from change management to database challenges to reporting. You will participate in a discussion about other areas of advancement where impact-based metrics can be used and strategies for implementing them at your own institution.

  • Clare Buttry, Senior Director of Annual Giving, University of Northern Colorado
  • Carrick Davis, Director of Research and Prospect Management, University of Northern Colorado

Portfolio Optimization - How We Started, Where We Are, and Where We're Going
Programming Focus: Advancement Services | Development
In an effort to assist development officers with portfolio management and maintenance, the University of Colorado's Prospect Management and Research team implemented a bi-annual portfolio review program. This session will walk you through the process and tools, implementation, the program's current status and future prospects.

  • Andrea Holland, Senior Prospect Management Analyst, University of Colorado System
  • Mackenzie Altman, Associate Director of Development, University of Colorado, Boulder - Athletics

Flipping the Pyramid: Fundraising that Starts with Engagement
Programming Focus: Alumni Relations | Annual Giving | Development
Kansas State University is re-thinking advancement-as-usual and shifting fundraising strategy to connect directly with alumni interests and passions. After a fire damaged its library, KSU launched a digital campaign to raise money for the renovations. The team used social media posts to identify interested constituents, they added those prospects to a campaign that successfully raised more than $50,000 from 400 donors. Learn how every institution can capitalize on social engagement and affinity-based tactics to maximize fundraising efforts.

  • Sara Prince, Director of Strategic Solicitations, Kansas State University Foundation
  • Mike Nagel, Customer Marketing Manager, EverTrue

How a Strong Campaign Idea Overcomes Obstacles
Programming Focus: Development | Marketing & Communications
This session aims to help you understand how tenacity and a strong idea can triumph at a time when launching big ideas can be especially challenging, when differentiation in higher education marketing is difficult and national sentiment is decidedly not in universities' favor. As the presenters tell their story, they will weave in national and industry context.

  • Chad Baldwin, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications, University of Wyoming
  • Jenny Petty, Director of Enrollment Marketing, University of Wyoming
  • Michelle Eberle, Director of Creative Services, University of Wyoming
  • Kass Sprague, Executive Business Manager, Institutional Marketing and Communications, University of Wyoming

12:00 - 1:45 PM

CASE District VI Honors & Awards Luncheon

2:00 - 3:00 PM

The Willing, Working Board
Programming Focus: Development
Embrace your role as fundraising coach for the members of your board of directors, advisory councils and campaign committees. This session will focus on creating an intentional culture of philanthropy that deepens the commitment and increases the engagement of all volunteer leaders. You will discuss mindsets, strategies, and tools that institutions of any size can use to harness the collective power of leadership volunteers, build their confidence as fundraisers and ensure that your institution has the resources it needs to advance its mission.

  • Beth Krumm, Associate Vice Chancellor, University Development, University of Missouri - St. Louis
  • Katie Harder, Director of Development, Professional Programs, University of Missouri - St. Louis

Seen on Screen: Marketing with Digital Signage
Programming Focus: Marketing & Communications
Digital signs can market your college's services and events to current students and visitors while driving engagement and building community. Learn how the College of Business piloted the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's first digital displays, installed 50+ screens in its new building while forgoing the traditional bulletin board. Within one year, students reported it as a top information source. Additionally, the college utilized the displays to give alumni and donor events a special touch. If you are thinking of adding one sign or a network, you can benefit from hearing and sharing lessons learned, best practices (including what makes signs go from bland to brilliant) and content ideas.

  • Kimberly Smith, Assistant Director of Communications, Marketing and External Relations, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Growing the Major Gift Pipeline
Programming Focus: Annual Giving | Development
Colleges and universities often have engagement gaps between major donors and annual donors. While major donors often receive the red carpet treatment from development officers and academic leaders, long-time annual donors have shown to be excellent prospects for major and planned giving. In this session we'll explore student-led discovery initiatives, regional advancement programs and leadership annual giving teams to help you determine the best fit for your institution.

  • Carly Wegner, Director of Regional Advancement/Director of Membership, Women Investing in Nebraska, University of Nebraska Foundation
  • Nicholas Linde, Assistant Vice President, University of Nebraska Foundation

Recipe for Success: How to Thrive as a Development Director
Programming Focus: Development | Professional Development
Do you wish more donors would respond to your emails? Are you ready to have donor conversations that move toward the right gift faster? Do you want to be more productive and organized at your desk? Whether you're six months or six years into your fundraising career, you'll find value in a proven email formula, specific tips to boost your confidence in every donor meeting and practical tools to use at your desk -- every day -- to help you raise more money and thrive in this amazing (yet, mysterious and challenging) career.

  • Jenna Goodman, Founder, Generous Change
  • Nancy Jackson, Simons Public Humanities Fellow, University of Kansas

Closing the Mentoring Gap
Programming Focus: Alumni Relations | Professional Development
Mentorship unleashes social capital and opportunity, paving the way to career success for students and alumni. The advantages of mentoring are compelling, but the reality is that the vast majority of students and alumni do not have access to effective or adequate mentoring programs, and in turn, are not afforded their benefits. Quality mentoring is not within everyone's reach. This is the mentoring gap. PeopleGrove has been working with universities and organizations across the country and internationally, including the University of Kansas, for nearly three years to help them connect their students and alumni to mentors and achieve better outcomes.

  • Adam Saven, Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer, PeopleGrove
  • David Johnston, Vice President for Marketing & Digital Media, KU Alumni Association

Knocking on Opportunity's Door: Tapping into Employee Giving
Programming Focus: Advancement Services; Annual Giving
The Aims Community College Foundation realized it was time to knock on opportunity's door to increase employee giving. With the launch of an engaging campaign that was well received, employees are already asking "what's happening next year?". As you think of your next annual employee giving campaign, you will learn about redirection of specific strategies and adoption of favorite tactics for campaign implementation. Soon, you'll be increasing employee trust, engagement opportunities, incentives and collaboration for a successful giving campaign.

  • Kelly Jackson, Executive Director, Aims Community College Foundation
  • Hayley Hull, Alumni Coordinator, Aims Community College Foundation
  • Nick Daugharty, Staff Associate, Aims Community College Foundation

CASE's Alumni Engagement Metrics Project
Programming Focus: Alumni Relations
In early 2018, CASE published "Alumni Engagement Metrics", a whitepaper based on the input of a task force, whose mission was to "develop an industry-wide framework to measure alumni engagement." Since then, CASE has pulled together a group of beta institutions that are testing that framework. This session will report about beta activity.

  • Fred Weiss, Chief Research and Data Officer, Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE)

Your Next Planned Gift is Just a Phone Call Away!
Programming Focus: Advancement Services | Development
This session will explore current statistics and trends in planned giving and look at ways to enhance your organization's planned giving efforts. Discover new techniques for identifying planned giving prospects, soliciting potential donors and closing the gift over the phone. Learn how to make the ask using the mass communication instruments of mail, e-mail and telephone solicitation. This session will also provide strategy on the selection of donors for a planned giving direct marketing campaign. Most planned giving donors say "they were simply never asked" for a gift. Learn how your organization can avoid this common pitfall and develop a thriving and profitable planned giving marketing and solicitation plan.

  • Anthony Alonso, President, Catapult Fundraising

Know Your Neighbor - and Understand What They Know About You and Your Prospects
Programming Focus: Advancement Services | Annual Giving | Marketing & Communications
This session explores our highly targeted donor world, including the knowledge other nonprofits have of your mission and prospects. The session specifically focuses on challenges that pertain to gaining both philanthropic donors and dollars in a very crowded market place. You'll explore how branded campaigns and multi-channel communications can strengthen your message and how you can best communicate your story.

  • Clark Gafke, Chief Executive Officer, LEAD
  • Kate Brennan, Director, Annual Giving & Development Communications, Saint Louis University

YES, a Proactive Planned Giving Initiative is Essential for Your Organization!
Programming Focus: Advancement Services | Development
Find out the many reasons why your organization should be launching or re-energizing your planned giving outreach. Is your board reluctant? Are you hesitant? Will it be worth the time devoted to it? The presenters will explore documented justification giving you prudent reasons to begin. A university's case study also will provide real time results.

  • Sandra Henningsen, Assistant Vice President, Crescendo Interactive, Inc.
  • Joy Mistele, Director of Planned Giving, University of Central Missouri

Shaping Perceptions of the University Through Outreach Communications
Programming Focus: Alumni Relations | Annual Giving | Marketing & Communications
University-community partnerships are one way to convince an increasingly skeptical public that higher education and research have value. At the University of Colorado Boulder, there are more than 200 outreach programs that connect university research, teaching and creative work with communities statewide. This session will focus on the essential role of university-community partnerships, how to develop an effective outreach communications strategy with campus and community partners, and tips for sharing the good news of the university in ways that have impact.

  • Sue Postema Scheeres, Outreach Communications Manager, University of Colorado Boulder

Managing the Ask...Essential Steps When Soliciting Major Donors
Programming Focus: Development
For more than 30 years, Diane M. Carlson has been helping her clients ask for and receive millions of dollars in support for their organizations. This session will walk the audience through the process of managing the ask, starting with prospect identification and ending with how to handle saying thank you.

  • Diane Carlson, Chairman, Catapult Fundraising

Fixing the Leaky Bucket: Addressing Donor Attrition
Programming Focus: Annual Giving | Development
Your donor file can be compared to a leaky bucket. New donors enter your bucket with a first-time gift and, hopefully, continue to give on a recurring basis. Unfortunately, donors often lapse in their giving and can be reacquired, but is it worth it to do this? Learn how the Metropolitan State University of Denver (and other Case VI institutions) is addressing issues of donor attrition through effective and proven direct marketing strategies. Also, learn about a 2018 study to develop a composite database to establish industry benchmarks and study donor attrition issues.

  • Jonathan Van Oss, Consulting and Analytics Director, Pledgemine
  • Jamie Hurst, Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving, Metropolitan State University of Denver

3:00 - 3:30 PM

Networking Break

3:30 - 4:30 PM

General Session - CASE Explores: A Look at the Future of Advancement

  • Brian Gawor, CFRE, Vice President, Research, Ruffalo Noel Levitz

4:30 - 5:30 PM

Corporate Partner & Networking Reception

6:00 - 8:00 PM

CASE Taste of Denver Brewery & Food Truck Networking Dinners OR Dinner on Your Own

8:30 - 11:30 PM

CASE After Hours Pub Trivia at Tivoli Brewing Co.