Programming Overview

Programming Overview

As the world of advancement continues to evolve, collaboration within our offices and amongst our colleagues has never been more important. As we look to advance our institutions, we must look beyond our functional areas to come together and embrace opportunities and face the challenges of our profession.

To better facilitate these partnerships, the CASE VI Conference programming track will look beyond the traditional, alumni, advancement and communications tracks. By bringing these traditional disciplines together, along with others, conference attendees will return to their institutions filled with fresh, innovative ideas, and be inspired to face what lies ahead, together as a united team.

Program tracks

  • Advancement Fundamentals-this track will focus on the basic functions of the profession. For example, a session might focus on how to start a student alumni association. In general, this track will highlight issues facing those with up to five years experience in advancement. 
  • Critical Issues-this track takes a more comprehensive look at the important topics facing the profession. For example, a session might focus on the communication strategy needed to imbed an annual fund campaign into an existing alumni relations event. Think how the various units within advancement cross over and work together to achieve institutional priorities. 
  • Key Decision Makers-this track is for the vice president or executive director who makes top-level decisions within advancement. For example, a session may focus on staff recruitment and retention.
  • Professional Development-this track is for all advancement professionals who want to expand and polish their professional skill-set. For example, a session might focus on dining etiquette when meeting with a prospective donor.
  • Community College/Independent Schools-This one-day track will feature programming geared directly to topics associated with community colleges and independent schools.

Check back in early October for specific program and session information.