Saturday and Sunday Sessions

Saturday, January 12, 2019

1:00 - 3:00 PM

New Professionals Welcome (Additional Fee)

3:00 - 5:00 PM

CASE VIews Session 1 (Participants selected via application process)

Sunday, January 13, 2019

9:00 - 11:00 AM 

CASE VIews Session 2 (Participants selected via application process)

1:00 - 3:00 PM

What's Your Starbucks Name
Programming Focus: Alumni Relations
This session will create a space for participants to actively evaluate their actions when engaging and cultivating domestic multicultural and international constituents. The discussion will focus on the importance of names, ambiance setting, food selections, relationship building and philanthropy or volunteer expectations.

  • Jessica Elmore, Associate Director of Diversity Programs, K-State Alumni Association

Leadership Alignment: Mutually Beneficial Success
Programming Focus: Advancement Services
Onboarding a new dean or academic partner? Don't take this leadership alignment lightly. Benefit from a recent case study with reflections of a dean and her unit advancement lead. Get ready to choreograph this dance to get on the road quickly and exceed your joint goals for mutually beneficial success.

  • Trisha McKean, Assistant Dean for Advancement, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Sharon Matusik, Dean, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder

Work/Life Balance for the (Super!) Busy Fundraiser
Programming Focus: Professional Development
Do you wonder if there is such a thing as work/life balance? At work, you're constantly traveling, planning your next trip and the next two after that. With donors, you're working toward the next gift and the next gift after that. Because you're ambitious, you're striving for the next promotion. All the while, you've got partners that miss you, family that needs you and friends that can't wait to plan your next dance night. Learn several tips, tools and strategies to remove guilt and unapologetically balance work and life. Come prepared to share in this highly interactive super-session!

  • Jenna Goodman, Founder, Generous Change
  • Nancy Jackson, Simons Public Humanities Fellow, University of Kansas

Gender Matters: A Practical Approach To Grow Women's Philanthropy
Programming Focus: Annual Giving | Athletics Fundraising | Development
We are what we practice. Fundraisers across the United States are extremely practiced at raising over $400 billion each year. Our own success with donors and prospects who care about education is almost unconscious thanks to our well-honed skills and training. What if we knew that our deeply ingrained best practices either turn off women or gain only minimal support from them when so much more is possible? We finally have deep and quantifiable research showing how women give differently, yet what are the practices, behaviors and processes to adapt so we engage women donors in ways that acknowledge their preferences?

  • Kathleen Loehr, Principal, Kathleen Loehr & Associates
  • Andrea Pactor, Interim Director, Women's Philanthropy Institute at the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

CANCELLED: The Art and Science of Video Storytelling
Programming Focus: Marketing & Communications
Learn the art and the science behind masterful video production that moves your audience from insight to action. This interactive session will help arm you with the tools to tell your own stories through video in new and interesting ways and the ability to find a production partner who understands you. The presenters will cover: the reasons to use video, storytelling techniques that encourage action, the art of a simple pre-production process, the basics of a seamless production day, interview techniques to draw your stories out, the psychology behind capturing a compelling story and guiding a video through a post-production process.

  • Kristin Sukraw, President, Reliant Studios
  • Mike Sukraw, CEO, Reliant Studios

Measuring Engagement: Building the Baseline for the Future
Programming Focus: Advancement Services | Development
There is a strong correlation between volunteerism, engagement, and philanthropy. Larger institutions have hundreds of high-level volunteers serving on foundation boards, advisory boards, alumni boards, and in other capacities. Most institutions, however, lack the effective processes to systematically cultivate, steward and align volunteerism, nor understand the depth and breadth of what your institution is doing to engage your community across the campus to ultimately build fundraising capacity. This workshop will provide you with a framework and ideas on how to build out your own engagement accounting program in an effort to better understand what you are currently doing and what you might consider doing so that you can create systems to more effectively manage volunteers, provide more diverse and fulfilling opportunities for participatory engagement in your larger institutional advancement efforts.

  • Mark Koenig, Assistant Vice President for Advancement Services, Oregon State University Foundation

Project Management for Philanthropic Marketing
Programming Focus: Communications
Leadership asks you, "What's the status on...?" Well, we're running a little late. The issue is that... I'm waiting on copy from... the mail vendor needs to... data still has to be... We're sure you're very familiar with this conversation. Let's empower ourselves by solidifying our knowledge of key project management techniques to instill confidence in our leaders and partners. In this session, we will take a journey through successful principles and actually build a project plan together!

  • Randy Kinder, Partner, Zeal Giving Solution
  • Douglas Patmore, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Digital Fundraising, Colorado State University

#MeToo - What it Means for Advancement
Programming Focus: Professional Development
The #MeToo movement has motivated a number of crucial conversations on campus: how to handle reports of sexual harassment and assault, renewed efforts by the Association of American Universities to update their landmark 2015 climate survey on sexual assault and misconduct on campus, groundbreaking research by the National Academies and their leadership in addressing the problems of sexual harassment in the sciences, and the current efforts by the Department of Education under Secretary Betsy DeVos to roll back Obama administration Title IX guidance. Amanda Adolph Fore, senior communications advisor to the president of CASE, will lead this conversation, sharing the CASE Zero Tolerance pledge, and discussing the intersection of the #MeToo Movement with the work of advancement.

  • Amanda Adolph Fore, Senior Communications Advisor to the President, CASE
  • RJ Holmes-Leopold, Director of the Career Center, Carleton College
  • Erika Hollis, Vice President and General Counsel, Regis University

3:00 - 3:30 PM Networking Break

3:30 - 4:30 PM

Women's Athletics Booster Club
Programming Focus: Athletic Fundraising | Development

  • Racheal Morris, Associate Athletic Director/Athletic Development, Colorado State University-Pueblo

Currency Exchange: How CFR Professionals Can Incentivize Partnerships
Programming Focus: Development | Marketing & Communications
Corporate and Foundation Relations professionals are increasingly being asked to anchor their institution in the community: to create meaningful partnerships with companies, foundations, and government agencies that enhance the brand of the university and offer return on investment to their external partner. But, are your internal and external stakeholders using the same currency? This session will explore the limits of cash incentives to motivate internal partners and how better to achieve the best outcomes for your university and your partners.

  • Cristina Sloan, Associate Director of Development, University of Colorado Denver
  • Anna Crawford, Associate Director of Foundation and Corporate Development , University of Colorado Denver

Alumni Stipend Program and How it Builds Alumni Relations and Campus Partnerships
Programming Focus: Alumni Relations
The Colorado State University-Pueblo Alumni Stipend Award Program began in 2013 as a partnership between the CSU-Pueblo Alumni Association and the CSU-Pueblo Foundation. The program provides stipends to departments within the university's four colleges, campus clubs and organizations and athletics programs, for alumni outreach programs. Engagement between campus leadership, academic leadership, Alumni Association board, and community partners has been significant and has led to on-going partnerships to continue the programs by working directly with the Office of Alumni Relations. Since the program's inception nearly $50,000 has been awarded to support these initiatives.

  • Tracy Samora, Director of Alumni & Community Relations, Colorado State University - Pueblo

Create a Taproot for a Successful Fundraising Organization
Programming Focus: Development
To achieve an ever-increasing fundraising goal, the trinary leadership of the president, the board (s) and the institutional advancement team is critical to success. The relationship among these groups helps foster an environment and taproot in which subsidiary outlets foster and grow. They often determine the level of success of any fundraising effort, whether it is a long-term campaign or a creating a culture of philanthropy, a short term engagement strategy or addressing alumni giving ratios. Learn the most effective strategies for this leadership trifecta to work together and how the balance of skills, responsibilities and accountability are key to achieving your philanthropic goals.

  • Ernie Hughes, Vice President for University Advancement, Truman State University
  • Kent Clark, Vice President for Main Campus Development, The University of Iowa Center for Advancement

Show Me, Don't Tell Me - Three Tips for Creating Better Video Stories
Programming Focus: Marketing & Communications
Former journalist and award-winning higher-education video producer John Arnold shares tips for creating compelling and shareable video stories. Learn how to incorporate a journalistic approach to storytelling and get the media excited to use and share your content.

  • John Arnold, Associate Director, Videography and Production, MSU Denver

Challenging Alumni Giving Assumptions: How Degree Information May Affect Giving Affinity
Programming Focus: Alumni Relations | Annual Giving | Development
Lacking a true academic home, higher education fundraising relies on limited scholarly research to drive strategy, often without thinking critically about alumni giving assumptions that have dominated the field for ages. Considering the institution's unique history, anecdotal alumni accounts, and longitudinal data for degree type and giving history, CU Denver used its own data to determine if strategy-driving higher education fundraising assumptions were true. Using Excel pivot tables (this means your institution can do this too!), CU Denver made surprising findings including the rejection of a common fundraising assumption, identifying areas of current fundraising success that could be replicated and amplified, and discovery of unexpected opportunities for increased fundraising efforts.

  • Monica Cutler, Assistant Director of Advancement Communications, University of Colorado Denver

Stop Begging the Media, Become the Media

Programming Focus: Marketing & Communications
In a world with fewer reporters and nobody to read your press releases, how can you make sure that your message gets out? MSU Denver's editorial team shares how they implemented a new approach to storytelling, how that increased media placements and how your school can do the same.

  • Dan Vaccaro, Director of Executive Communications, MSU Denver
  • Cory Phare, Staff Writer, MSU Denver

Keeping the Best and the Brightest Development Officers
Programming Focus: Professional Development
The average length of tenure for a development officer is 14-18 months. With the considerable investment universities make in hiring, training and developing new gift officers, keeping them engaged and on a positive career track is essential. In 2018, over a dozen of the top development officers in the nation were interviewed to identify the factors they consider when deciding to stay with or leave their current organization. These results, combined with leadership theory and practical organizational structure elements, provide a road map for leaders to have candid conversations with their top performers to show them how a long career in development at their current organization is beneficial for both.

  • Nicholas Linde, Assistant Vice President, University of Nebraska Foundation

4:45 - 6:00 PM

Conference Kickoff and Keynote Panel
Fulfilling Dreams: The Donor-Student Connection

6:00 - 7:00 PM

Corporate Partner & Networking Reception

8:30 - 11:00 PM CASE After Hours - Lucky Strike