Tuesday Sessions

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

7:30 - 8:15 AM

Coffee, Tea, and Light Breakfast

8:00 - 10:00 AM

Tell Your Brand's Hero Story
Programming Focus: Athletics Fundraising | Development | Marketing & Communications
Every brand has a story. And every story has a hero. Who is the hero of your brand's story? Explore the Hero's Journey as it applies to brand storytelling and, through an interactive, hands-on approach, go through the steps you need to create a brand story that brings your hero to the forefront.

  • Andrew Careaga, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Building Your Booster Club from 1 to 2000...and then Making the Ask
Programming Focus: Athletics Fundraising | Development
Athletic booster clubs can be a great way to build affinity and generate support for your institution. But where do you start if you don't have a current booster program? This session will look at successful examples of how athletics booster clubs have gone from zero members to a fully functioning, sustainable athletic department support system. We will take a look at how those booster club members can grow your athletic department by leveraging their collective influence to identify, cultivate, and close major gifts that support athletic programs.

  • Matt Donovan, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Development, University of Indianapolis

If You Get the Culture Right, the Rest is Easy
Programming Focus: Professional Development
This session is intended to transform the way you understand philanthropy. Presenting a shift from transactional philanthropy to relational philanthropy, the presenters will stress the importance of relationships, office culture, and leading with joy. They will also examine changes in their office staffing structure, measures of success and their approach to benefactors. They have not only greatly exceed their fundraising goal, but also experienced a higher retention of staff and professional satisfaction.

  • Scott Arthur, Vice Chancellor of Advancement, University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus
  • Jim Hodge, Associate Vice Chancellor for Advancement, University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus

Building an In-House Creative Agency
Programming Focus: Development | Marketing & Communications | Professional Development
The challenges were, and still are, sometimes overwhelming: Build a cohesive team. Manage personnel and never-ending search committees. Transition from serving campus clients to serving alumni and development colleagues. Integrate into a new Advancement division. Partner with colleagues in a matrixed organization to launch a brand and a website. Move offices. Manage a budget. Crash and burn and learn. Get the right story to the right person at the right time on the right platform, and then measure, rinse, and repeat. Brad Soucy and Jesse Tuel, co-directors of University Relations' Creative Studio at Virginia Tech, are sometimes right, sometimes wrong, mostly sunny, and hopefully halfway through building an in-house creative group that has a real chance to help the university's engagement and development efforts move from where we were to where we need to be. Participants of all levels, from the creators to middle-managers to executives, can expect an interactive session full of troubleshooting and problem-solving on how to optimize their own creative teams, whether small or large.

  • Jesse Tuel, Director of Content Strategy, Virginia Tech
  • Brad Soucy, Director of Design and Digital Strategy, Virginia Tech

Engaging Major Donors with Digital
Programming Focus: Development | Marketing & Communications
Crowdfunding, giving days, and social media -- once relegated to the annual fund -- are proving their worth at the major gift level. With six- and seven-figure gifts coming in to support online campaigns, it's clear that digital works for big gifts ...perhaps even more effectively. Beyond the ask, digital has enabled strategies that are about much more than simply securing a large gift. This session will focus on how digital can enhance prospect pipeline development, year-round major donor engagement and cultivation, stewardship, and the solicitation itself. Learn through real-world case studies from institutions that are leveraging agile fundraising to grow giving at all levels.

  • Justin Ware, Co-Founder and President, Groundwork Digital

Making an Effective First and Lasting Impression
Programming Focus: Professional Development
Advancement leaders require presence and strong communication skills; the average person, however, does not present well. In this session, you will learn what it takes to master the communication skills needed to convey confidence and competence to your audience. This includes learning how to make a strong presentation with impact, determining how you are perceived by others, recognizing the verbal and non-verbal messages you send and receive, and understanding the importance of body language.

  • John Amato, Director of Development, Drake University

Welcome Aboard: Best (& Worst) Practices When Onboarding New Team Members
Programming Focus: Professional Development
We can do anything in higher education - except tell people what we do. When it comes to helping new team members learn the organization and the advancement team, sometimes it's just easier to throw a binder at them, give them a tour, and wish them well with their new portfolio of tasks and deadlines. This session will explore best practices and the theories that underpin them for helping new team members learn more than just their tasks: how to integrate into their team cultures and creating the best foundation for success. There will be time for breakout group discussions and sharing successes and areas that need improvement.

  • David Hutchison, Vice President for Advancement, Lyon College

Leveraging the Annual Giving Experience to Land Your Dream Job
Programming Focus: Development | Professional Development
The time you've spent in the trenches is invaluable and it can open many doors. You might be limiting yourself by thinking along a traditional linear career path. There are leaders across to world of philanthropy who use their experiences in Annual Giving to propel themselves into places they never could have predicted earlier in their career. Many landed exactly where they wanted. Join us in a discussion about getting the most out of your role and what might be in front of you.

  • Randy Kinder, Partner, Zeal Giving Solution
  • Thea Rounsaville, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Colorado State University

The First Ever: Fundraising Throwdown!
Programming Focus: Annual Giving | Development
Get ready for the first ever LIVE "fundraising kitchen" competition at CASE VI! Three teams of experienced fundraisers will cook up creations based on a secret fundraising ingredient revealed live on stage and then face audience elimination. The remaining teams will expand into a broader campaign to engage donors. While they are "cooking," the audience will get live updates and be treated to mini-presentations and round tables on special topics surrounding new fundraising tactics. You vote LIVE to see who reigns supreme in this interactive competition!

  • Brian Gawor, Vice President of Research, Ruffalo Noel Levitz
  • Mark Versen, Director of Development, North Dakota State University Foundation

How to Make Your Boss Love You
Programming Focus: Professional Development
Have you ever wondered if you're doing the right things to be successful? Have you ever wondered what other successful fundraisers do to get more visits, raise more money and advance their career? Do you wish for concrete ways you could show your boss how truly awesome you are without feeling pushy or confrontational? Let's talk about it in this super-safe, super-session (what happens at CASE stays at CASE!). The presenters will share specific strategies to be more productive, ways to clearly demonstrate your productivity to your boss and success secrets from their 25 years of fundraising experience.

  • Jenna Goodman, Founder, Generous Change
  • Nancy Jackson, Simons Public Humanities Fellow, University of Kansas

10:15 - 11:30 AM

Closing Conference Brunch, Keynote, & District Business Meeting
The Future of Higher Education

  • Dr. Janine Davidson, President, Metropolitan Statue University of Denver